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A Look At Naples Square’s Phase I Denison Model

denison iiWith the full completion of Naples Square’s Phase I model, the Ronto Group opened the building for all tours in a company of a sales associate. The Phase I Dennison model is located between the Goodlette-Frank Road and Fifth Avenue South in Naples. The building is made and furnished by the internationally recognized company Ronto Group. Like in all previous projects, the company showed an extreme attention to detail, providing only the best luxurious surrounding you can ever hope to find.

There are two other Phase I models that have already been sold, the Dennison Model is the third one and it is currently available for guided tours but only within the limits of the residential building. The building offers a staggering 2,264 square feet (equivalent to 210 square meters) with the inclusion of a balcony consisted of 290 square feet (almost 27 square meters). There are three bedrooms included in the building plan, three baths, a kitchen, a den, both a family and a dining room, and a balcony that assumes the position of the letter L and goes around one corner of the building. There is a separate, private balcony that is included in the bedroom of the master suite. Also, there is the inclusion of a soaking tub, walk-in shower, and a water closet.

The high-quality design of the overall building heavily emphasizes relaxation, comfort, and livability. The Dennison Model features a wide color palette that includes colors from white to taupe, of course with some light accents of aqua, green, and blue. Ceramic tiles are laid in the main living areas and feature linen-textures on them.

The waiting room in the Dennison Model has a tray ceiling with LED lights that blend in perfectly. Naturally, there is the inclusion of a good looking rosewood console decorated with a chrome-made lamp.

The study features already built-in cabinets made out of ebony. The entire room is extremely stylish in its overall design, and assumes two roles at the same time; one as a center made for entertainment and the other as a full functioning workplace. Comfy chairs made out of natural leather and nice looking wallpapers give the entire room a unique look.

Denison living roomThere is also the inclusion of a sliding glass door in the living room. Through the glass door, one can reach the L-shaped balcony. The room is once again beautifully done in ebony which makes a perfect pair for the cabinetry in the kitchen located right next to the living room. A television is also included in the room, inside a wall. Exactly opposite to the television wall is the luxurious sofa which also includes accent pillows in beautiful aqua chenille. The sofa doesn’t stand alone opposite to the wall, there are also two armchairs right next to it, and also a lounge chair which has an open and oval back. Beneath all of them is a rug, and in the center is the walnut coffee table.

Unlike the living room which has only one entrance to the balcony, the dining room offers two separate entrances, which could be used as 0ne for the family members and the other for the outside people. There is a wall niche included which gives a great location for a built-in wine cooler. The dry bar is, like many things, made out of ebony which gives out a unique look and feel to it. The beautifully made glass top dining table can hold six people at the same time and has the pedestals, once again, made out of ebony. The chairs have a light blue fabric finish. Also, one can find an extremely well-crafted chandelier that is sure to catch everyone’s attention. The ceiling is decorated with well-placed LED lights in order to outline space between the dining room and the living room.

The cabinetry shown in the kitchen has a walnut finish which also features a modern randomly-made pattern in beige-brown and white.

The huge area of the balcony even includes a dining area and a lounge area. It makes the entire building look very seamless in its design. The balcony doesn’t only include the three previously mentioned entrances, but one other which goes into the guest bedrooms.

You enter the owner’s suite via a private entryway which connects it to the living room. It is neatly decorated with extraordinary artwork. A hallway that leads to master’s bedroom includes two closets. The bed wall features a headboard on which one can observe paneled sections and also the mirrors on both sides. The dresser, the ottoman which features an aqua fabric, and a lounge chair enhance the overall look even further.

A staggering amount of binding sales contracts worth up to $60 million have been already processed at the fully finished Phase I Dennison Model. Only one Phase I building remains, and that is the Phase I Franklin Model which offers an extraordinary way to experience a spacious two-story home which will cost you $1,295,000. The building offers unbelievable 3,038 square feet (approximately 280 square meters) and also includes a terrace which covers 104 square feet of ground (about 10 square meters). The overall building also includes a garage accessible from the inside of the building and it has enough place for one car.

There are two other Phase I models that are available for viewing. Those are the Phase I Essex and the Phase I Chelsea models. The Essex offers 2,469 square feet (230 square meters). Four different rooms have direct access to a 277-square-foor balcony (25 square meters). An Island kitchen and a den are notably included in the building plan. Two walk-in closets, a bath, a soaking tub, a walk-in shower, and a separate water closet are all included in the owner’s suite. The flooring throughout the residence is mainly done with wide plank wood.

The Phase I Chelsea is a bit smaller than the Essex and offers 1,832 square feet (170 square meters). The 214-square-foot (20 square meters) terrace is also included in the plan. Three rooms have access to the terrace. The plan also includes an island kitchen. Double walk-in closets and a walk-in shower are naturally included in the owner’s suite.